Aspergis Sp. z o.o.

Grupa producentów warzyw

About us

Our member companies have been cultivating asparagus and onion for many years, developing year by year. Additionally, they grow crops, rapeseed and beef cattle. Each farm is equipped with modern tools and machines, receives professional assistance from agricultural advisors, and obtains EU subsidies.

Currently we cultivate asparagus on the total area of about 60 ha, and onion on about 70 ha. We are capable of producing about 300-360 tonnes of asparagus and more than 3000 tonnes of onion per annum.

Aspergis Group obtained Global G.A.P. (Eurepgap) certificate reg. No. 42936 issued by TÜV  Nord Group.

The company makes use of the financial assistance stemming from the EU common organisation of the fruit and vegetable markets while taking all the steps to fulfill the 5 year plan of obtaining the recognition. The year 2014 is the last one, after which the Group is going to become the recognised organisation of the vegetables producers.

The price of vegetables is determined individually, depending upon the order amount, vegetables' sort, packaging and transportation. We can offer favourable pricing terms to our regular customers.

We offer our vegetables for bulk and retail sale on the territory of Poland and Europe. We are also able to issue invoices and accept payments in EUR.

Our offer contains mostly white asparagus being sold in classes I and II, and green asparagus. We sell asparagus in bulk and retail.