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Our offer contains mostly white asparagus being sold in classes I and II, and green asparagus. We sell asparagus in bulk and retail.

Asparagus is a seasonal vegetable. Its harvest period starts, depending upon the weather conditions, between April and May, and lasts until June, being the only time we offer it for sale as fresh vegetables. Until being sold, harvested asparagus is being stored in a special cooling chamber, which prevents the vegetables from losing their properties during their storage.

Asparagus is a very healthy vegetable. It contains numerous valuable vitamins and mineral compounds while being low in calories. White asparagus, contrary to the green, is more delicate but requires the full-length peeling before cooking. When properly prepared they constitute a very tasty and interesting meal.

In order to sort the asparagus we use the automatic sorting machine consisting of a conveyor, washing machine, cutter and an electronic device - a camera. The camera is responsible for automatic sorting asparagus depending upon its thickness, curve and colour.

In Poland, as opposed to the Western Europe, asparagus is still little known, but year by year we are noticing a rising interest in this vegetable. We sell asparagus to Germany as "Spargel aus Schlesien" - the asparagus from Silesia.