Aspergis Sp. z o.o.

Grupa producentów warzyw


Our offer includes onion. The onions, after being cleaned and dried are segregated according to their size and packed in common packagings, depending on the contractor's needs.

The onions are harvested in September and October, sale duration is subject to stock availability.

The company provides a warehouse with the area of 1.200 sq m, built and appropriately equipped with technological lines in years 2010-2012.

We are capable of warehousing up to 3.500 tonnes of onion produced by our member companies at the single time. The warehouse is equipped with the newest warehousing, sorting and packaging devices.

The onions, after being delivered from the fields, are primarily cleaned from dirt and loose rinds. They are then displaced through the conveyor to specified chambers, where they are subjected to the processes of drying and ventilation, which are automatically steered through the computer-controlled system. The next stage involves the sorting, and is more individualised to match the individual needs of the customer. It involves the transportation via conveyor to the chive cutter, and later on to the computer-steered sorter. The onions of specified size are put into the packing machine or the device used for filling the big bags and pallet-boxes. The packed onions are allocated on pallets and loaded directly onto cars via ramp.

The method of packaging:

We sort the onion according to the requirements specified by the recipients, taking into the consideration the demand for the specified size and quantity.